Dallas Fence and Decks Jamey Carter are scam artists

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Jamey Carter and Dallas Fence and decks is claiming to be a BBB member.Nothing could be further from the truth.

They're not BBB members, but BBB does give their business an F rating. They've stolen money all over the DFW area and continue to scam homeowners. They take the money and then start the shell game, never doing the work.

It's true when he says Dallas Fence and Decks is a "family business" as his whole family does seem to be in on the grift, bilking unsuspecting homeowners out of thousands.Check with the BBB or do a quick online search before you flush your money down the drain with Dallas Fence and Decks.

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The best thing you can do is post online to craigslist warning others to avoid their scam. If we all post, people will know to stay away from these human leeches. Craigslist is where they get most of their business.


Watch out ..

. They are on the streets again. I too fell into the scam and through Mike Duenas - Jamey Carter's "partner in crime". You would think by now Mike would pose a bit better for his mug shots.

Very interesting what records you can find on people at dentoncounty.com > judicial records.Not saying that anyone in particular like Mike Duenas or Jamey Carter would have information but it is a VERY interesting site.


Yes it is T.L Carter, Jamey Carter and a guy named Mike...all liars, they will steal your money in a heartbeat.They have no operation, it's a man, his father and a cell phone.

No credit to get materials so they require a deposit, then he uses your deposit to finish other jobs and if nothing is left, you don't get your fence.Stay far far away from them!


Jamey Carter and Dallas Fence and Decks got me with their *** game.Stay far away.

Far, far away.They're worse than substandard fence builders, they're dangerous and threatening.


Not sure why you posted twice FenceScammed, but they got me, too.Stole my money.

What little work they did do was totally substandard.

Another company had to fix their mistakes.Money wasted with Dallas Fence and Deck


Jamey Carter and his father, I think it was T.L Carter, stole my money, too. Don't trust Dallas Fence and Decks. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

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Dallas Fence and Decks Jamey Carter

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Do not trust Jamey Carter and Dallas Fence and Decks.They also go under the name Cowboy Fence.

I paid them in advance to build a fence. A month later, all I have to show for it is some posts and shoddy work in my yard. He used every excuse in the book. He was also rude, as was his father, who does the work.

They'll take your money, but never do the work. I had to get another company to finish the job and call the money I gave Dallas Fence and Deck a loss. Avoid them. They are scam artists.

I wish I had done my research.now I'm out my money.

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HIs address is 1804 copper mountain drive Justin, TX and has changed the Company name yet again! Custom Fence and More now....number 214-730-1876

to Anonymous #996971

How do you know all his info all the time. Do you know him??


Jamey Carter is now Backyard Solutions.He is living in Justin, TX, working as a "Nanny" but still taking ppl's money.

His new number is 214.356.1840

Somewhere in Justin off Cowboy Lane.

Hangs at Mule Bar on Friday nights.Mike has moved to El Paso after getting released from Jail.


I wish I had seen this first!!!Jamey Carter and his dad contracted as Dallas Fence and Deck to replace my fence.

They took my deposit, never did the work and lied endlessly saying I would get my money back. They took their website down and disappeared. Beware of Jamey if he resurfaces.

I have filed a case with the BBB and Texas Attorney General's Office.Since they closed I can't sue!!

to ***ed in Plano #798725

Please see my comment


Jamey Carter is a *** artist.Pure and simple.

Don't get swindled. They're still claiming to a member of the BBB on craigslist. They're not. In fact, BBB give them a F rating.

That is the worst.:(


They claim to be a member of the Better Business Bureau on craigslist.A flat out lie.

Just like every other lie they tell.Dallas Fence and Decks is a family of crooks, be warned.


They ripped me off, too.Avoid Jamey Carter and Dallas Fence and Deck.

BBB has 15 complaints against them and Cowboy Fence.

his father also does work for Suburban Fence.Beware.

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